Needs & Wants


Listed below are all of the supplies, grants, and items we would like to have for our classroom.  We would appreciate any help!  If you have any questions, please email or call me at the school!  Thanks!

Mrs. Miller


Welcome to Our Classroom Supplies Page!

District Supply List

The items listed below are on the West Ada school supply list.  I have attached notes next to some of the items.

Other Items

Kleenex & Clorox Wipes

As we approach the cold and flu season, and we have very limited supplies at the school for Kleenex and disinfecting wipes.  We would love any donations you send in.  :)


We would love to have any of your old or outdated smart phones! We will be working on some virtual reality projects this year, and we would love to have enough devices to put in our VR goggles!

You can also donate iTunes cards to our class to help purchase apps!

We would also love to have Amazon gift cards in order to purchase digital books.

We always need pencils!  It is a good idea to start the year with about 2 dozen, and then send more as your child runs out throughout the year.

We have learned through the years that a quality pair of headphones lasts longer than the cheaper ear bud styles.  Here is a link to a quality headset.

Students typically use 3-4 sticks each year, but may need to replenish halfway through the year.

Students do NOT need to bring dry erase markers.

Students do NOT need to bring pocket folders.

Students typically use 2 packages of 200 or more sheets each year.

In addition to a large eraser, many students also find that pencil top erasers are needed.